Tobermory 15 YO - Tasting Notes

This one is filled with dense tones of fruits and figs. Sweet tones filled with leather, smoke, toffee. The figs combined with the leather is something that I found hard to smell through. It sets me off a bit at first...

Filled with fruit tones like figs, raspberries, red berries and cherry's. Sweet like cassis, combined with vanilla, nuts, toffee, and chocolate. Like a dense fruitcake, with a bit spicy, salty, creamy, warm side to it.

Combination of nuts and warm cherry's, and it does not linger long.

7 out of 10. It has nice tones in it, but there the leather/salty is something that sets me off this one, in combination with the fig. Maybe something you have to get used to. This malt is un-chill filtered and has had a dual - location-maturation process. This means that after filling the casks they are transferred to the mainland for maturation. And after that they are moved back to the island for the last year of maturation before bottling. The maturation takes place in Gonzalez Byass Oloroso Sherry casks and is bottled at a strength of 46,3%.

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