Interludium Gin

A bit back WhiskySpeller visited the Wagging Finger distillery and I had a chance to have a closer look at batch 1 and make some notes. Now the guys from MMM decided to release the Interludium Gin, on the 1st of August, a limited edition of 50 bottles at 44%, distilled at the Wagging Finger distillery. This is something different from the independent releases they are doing, but perfect for these warm summer days we are having. They made this gin under the watching eye of Erik and used eight botanicals (juniper berry, orange peel, lemon peel, angelica root, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon and cubeb pepper). 

Curious to find out how this one is looking at my earlier note. Getting the fresh orange, nettle and lemon notes instantly with creamy vanilla and the bit bitter hint of the juniper and some mixed spices on the nose. It is almost liquerish and feels like candied citrus fruits together with white raisins. Hint of nuts, marzipan and touch of bay leaf and dried cranberry. A nose with sweet, fresh and spicy notes for sure. Lets have a taste...

Sweet and fresh also for sure, but the orange and lemon take on a higher note, almost getting to a grapefruit and pomolo mixture for me. It reminds me of lemon curd on a thick slice of dark bread. Soft creamy notes with spices, red current, honey, vanilla, white raisins and white chocolate creamy mouth feel, the one with cereal in it. A lovely refreshing drink. You can find more information on the website of MMM. Thanks guys for sharing a sample of your batch 1! 

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