Ijsvogel Gin

Being summer time it is fitting I think to explore some more gins being a great refreshing drink for this weather and find out what my favourites are when drinking it neat, mixed or in any other mix...

This time I have a look at the gin made at the Ijsvogel distillery in Arcen here in the Netherlands. A gin made with fifteen different herbs and bottled at 39%. The most important herbs used are juniper, hops, blueberry, rhubarb, citrus and cardamom.

The nose has some green, sweet and fresh notes of nettle, juniper, lime, oranges, equaliptus, red apple, ripe banana, liquorish and white raisins. Palate is floral and fruity sweet at first with a light dry bitter note of toasted nuts and some spices following with the honey vanilla sweet feeling.

When mixing it with some tonic water (Fever-Tree Premium Indian) it changes into something that reminds me of a 7-up with blue berries, blackcurrant and liquorish. Does not keep a strong flavour and I get the feeling the tonic water is more present.

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