Arbikie - Kirsty’s Gin

When visiting the Arbikie Distillery with Thomas, as you can read in our story about it, we brought a bottle home of their lovely gin bottled at 43%. This is from batch AG0001 and back at home I tried different combinations with it but loved the one when drinking neat or mixing with tonic water from Fever-Tree (the premium Indian or the elder flower one) My notes on this gin neat at first of course...

The nose on this gin shows some floral and fresh citrus notes together with a bit green salty note found on the seaside of kelp and seaweed washed ashore. Also some juniper berry, pine, soft fruit notes, fresh plums and peaches. On the palate I can find roses, soft white pepper, juniper, liquorish, sweet soft ripe stone fruit, ripe banana, different berries and baking spices. Mixing it with the elder flower tonic water it becomes a bit more floral and sweeter then with the premium Indian tonic water from Fever-Tree.

With the premium Indian it shows more a salty liquorish and fresh fruit note. The citrus notes found on the nose when not diluted stay strong in front giving it a feeling of a refreshing dram. Adding ice to it makes it even more come to life. Lovely balanced gin, that shows different sides when mixed or neat, but holds on to its creamy character in all.

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