Arbikie Spirit

When visiting Arbikie recently a taste was given of the single malt new make spirit at 74,6%. A lovely new make of this new distillery. Would you like to read more about it? You can find it in WhiskySpeller's story about visiting the distillery that Thomas and I wrote. Here are some of my notes on this new make...

The nose is sugary fruity almost has something chocolate malt sweetness to it. Green apples and creamy fresh citrus notes. On the palate I find creamy fruit sweet and custard notes. Powdered sugar, almonds, cinnamon, cookie dough, marzipan, dried candied ginger, whole grain cookies and honey.

When diluted 50/50 the sweetness on the nose becomes a bit more like fruit cake and cookie dough mixed with chocolate whole grain chip cookies and warm spices. The palate is honey and vanilla sweet reminding me of creme brulee and lots of fruits like sweet red berries, raspberry, red apple, orange and mango. Figs, hint of coconut shavings and honeycomb. The finish in both occasions is soft creamy and of middle length. A very promising spirit!

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