Campbeltown Loch

A blended whisky bottled at 40% and as far as I understood made of a mix that has Longrow and Springbank in it, but all young whisky. If any has more information on it please let me know, always nice to learn more about the whisky.

The nose has some light sour citrus notes, vanilla, different floral tones, plums, raisin, orange, grapefruit and sugared citrus candy. It becomes sweeter with time and some warmth on the glass and releasing the smell of chocolate chip cookie, different fruits and those sour candy strips and gooseberries.

On the palate is sweetness from fruit and fresh citrus notes of lime, pink grapefruit and oranges. Also finding some vanilla and light oak note giving me a bit of a waxy feeling. But also French pastry filled with summer fruits, custard pudding and powdered sugar come to mind. The palate is much like the nose and feels balanced. Not a very long finish and some citrus bitterness in the end. Easy drinking but not finding it very special? Scoring it an 7 out of 10.

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