Strathmill - Flora and Fauna - 12 year old

During the visit to the Strathmill distillery in 2014 WhiskySpeller got poured after the tour a lovely 12 year old expression from the Flora and Fauna series bottled at 43%. Some photos of the visit can be found here. Time to open the sample we brought home back then, it has been waiting far to long to be opened...

The nose I find soft sweet and malty with some grassy notes and honey, salty caramel, red apple, fresh pear, sugared sweets, powdered sugar and macademia nuts. Syrupy sweet lush fruit notes with soft baking spices and star anise.

Lovely sweet notes also on the palate with creamy, thick canned fruit syrup notes and fresh apple, banana, pear, fresh plums and oranges. Soft spices and different cake notes. Candied ginger, elderberry, buttercups, creamy clover honey, mocha cream, doughnuts and liquerish.

A medium length finish that is sweet and shows notes of vanilla, raisins, hints of chocolate flakes on big scoops of fresh creamy vanilla ice cream. Balanced and very lovely dram. Scoring it an 8,5/10.

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