Peat Monster - cask strength

From Compass Box I tasted before the Peat Monster and now got a chance also to have a look at the cask strength version bottled at 57,3%.

There are on the nose lots of fruit and peat notes mixed with spices, apple strudel with warm vanilla sauce, heather, salty caramel chocolat and soft coffee notes

The warm peat, honey and heather notes on the palate mix in something that goes towards sweet black liquerish. Lots of black pepper and notes of stewed meat with loads of other spices like star anise, hint of cardamom, cloves, laurel, rosemary and thyme. Thick vanilla sweetness with different fruits, fresh and canned ones...

Some floral notes from roses, jasmine, passionflower and lavender. Raisin, dried apricots, dried banana and mocha cake. Rich and balanced dram with loads more flavours to detect in this one for sure.

It keeps giving me new ones. Scoring it an 8 out of 10. Lovely peaty dram. Thanks Compass Box for sharing this one, great to discover more of the lovely expressions out there.

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