Teeling - Small Batch Irish Whiskey

22nd day of The Whisky Advent Calender from the guys at Drink By The Dram brings a Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey. It is a blend of Irish grain & malt whiskies that have been married in ex-Flor de Cana Rum Barrels. Bottled at 46%, no chill filtration and colouring. Tasted it a while back and made some notes on it.

First on the nose came to mind back then being in the kitchen and having in front of me some cake mix, and some vanilla notes, baking spices, and some rum soaked raisins. Also there some chocolate chips and some pepper. It is quite creamy it seems. Sweet, spice and freshness all combined. But it also has something salty and malty. This giving the idea a bit of a good piece of bread, with some coarse salt on the side and good olive oil, yumm! It has different sides to it on the nose, and changes a bit between them, needs to be a bit warmed for sure and then the fresh tropical fruits tones appear... These are lime, banana, citrus, grapefruit, orange, mango, banana, pears, red apple, red berry mixed with some fresh custard, coming back to the kitchen where baking the cake and muffins. Very nice.... The rum influence is there you can smell it but it is not overpowering.

Palate was like the baking experience from the nose continued on the palate and comes also served with a glass of Bacardi and coke with a slice of lime. Pears, banana, vanilla, pepper, buttery, tropical, caramel, and sweet.... Nose and palate are quit balanced, and all the notes come back, on the palate only some more sweetness due to the vanilla/caramel/chocolate. The finish is medium length and has that vanilla, caramel, chocolate also very much in it, the creaminess on the mouth feel in the end. It gives me a bit the feel of quiche pastry strangely. Scoring it an 7,5 out of 10. A balanced expression, very yum.

So, now almost 2 years later, having another taste of it. Curious to see if I get something else out of it or stick with my earlier findings. It is a sweet one, with loads of fruits, fudge and other creamy warm notes. Sat down with it for a bit, but have to stay with my earlier score and findings. Lovely dram. Thanks for sharing it with us Drink By The Dram! 

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