Big Peat - Christmas 2015 edition

From the lovely people at Douglas Laing we received a sample of the Big Peat Christmas 2015 edition to try. This is what they can tell us about it:
Douglas Laing today announces the release of Big Peat Christmas 2015. This limited edition bottling is Big Peat’s 5th Christmas edition, a cask strength amplification of Douglas Laing’s increasingly popular Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky.  
This year his premium pack, created for the gift-buying market, shows the feisty Ileach flying high over Islay on his “turfo”-charged Reindeer sleigh, in what the firm believes to his best packaging yet. 
Big Peat Christmas contains a shovelful of the finest festive Malts from the Whisky island of Islay, including Ardbegg-nog, Coal Ila, Snowmore and Party Ellen. As ever, he is proudly without chill-filtration or colouring, but for Christmas he’s bottled at cask strength, a punchy 53.8% ABV. Just 3,000 cases of Big Peat Christmas 2015 are available globally.
The nose is filled with salty peat notes and lovely BBQ notes. Blackcurrant, dark honey, vanilla and roasted ham. Warming and peaty dram. This continues on the palate where the sweet fruity notes only get enhanced more and make a mix of dried, stone and orchard fruit. It almost has some tropical pineapple juice feeling on the palate. Combined with bit malty, salt, milk chocolate and peat makes this a nice dram.

Medium length finish with creamy vanilla and red summer fruits. Bit of mango softness and mix of shortbread and fudge. Scoring this dram a good 7,5 out of 10. Not too overpowering with peat but good mixture of sweet and typical Islay flavours... 

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