Dalwhinnie - Winter's Gold

21st day of The Whisky Advent Calender from the guys at Drink By The Dram brings the Winter's Gold from Dalwhinnie. This dram I recently have tasted at the Whisky and Rum Festival in Ijmuiden. They say it should be frozen before drinking but nut sure about that really... But if you want to read something on it maybe read the blog of the Whisky Exchange or Miss Whisky.

It was just a quick nosing and tasting at the festival and must say that I found it quite pleasant on the nose. Soft honey, smooth, light white pepper and some nuts came to mind. On the palate back then I found some light peat and oak notes appearing a bit between the demerara sugar sweetness that was running through the honey and dried fruits.

A soft and gentle dram, with soft heather notes, buttercups and clover honey. A middle length finish and for the quick nosing and tasting back then scored me an 7,5 out of 10. Now having another try at it and having a longer look at this dram. Nosing it now I find some warm red apples and ripe pears besides the notes that I wrote down earlier at the festival. On the palate there is some barley note mixed with, soft nougat, heather and peat. Lovely soft with all the earlier found notes. Not changing much further in my score and notes...

Trying it also cold, having been in the freezer for a bit and it becomes syrupy, but does nothing much on the nose, and holds back all the flavours I found before. Becomes a bit bitter and harsh on the palate, the vanilla taking over with some earthy notes. Not preferring this cold...

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