Gordon & MacPhail - Reserve - Ardmore 17 years old - Tasting Notes

Whisky Warehouse Belgium shared this whisky with Stefaan Lesagne from Whisky with Friends. Who shared this also with a couple of bloggers, and kindly send us a sample of this Gordon & MacPhail Ardmore 17year old expression to enjoy.

Drawn from cask #5555 were in total 226 bottles. Distilled in 1997 and bottled in 2014 at 55,4%.

Sweet fruity notes at first with a hint of smoke. Some cocoa notes and dried fruits. Some spices and ginger cake. Vanilla, honey and black pepper. Seems to be some salty note coming through also in the back.

Honey, vanilla, raisin and some chocolate coming through on this palate. Sweet and nice warming dram. Light salty note coming trough, mixing lovely with the dried fruits and chocolate. Some banana, red apple and plums. Creamy vanilla like a custard pudding with some fruits in the mix. Black pepper and a mint freshness combined with some almost grapefruit citrus freshness byte.

Not a very long finish sadly but it is sweet and creamy vanilla. The smoke does not leave a very dry feel to it all, just a hint that turns into more a dry cocoa powder and liquerish feel.

Warming dram with a balanced level of smoke in it, giving it a 7,5 out of 10. Certainly something to look out for. Thanks Stefaan and Whisky Warehouse Belgium for sharing this with us all! Want to read some of the other notes from the rest on it? Have a look at the blogs of Thomas SpellerWhisky with FriendsWhisky Oss and A Tasty Dram for it.

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