Abbey Whisky - Glendronach 20 years old - Tasting Notes

A single cask expression coming from Abbey Whisky distilled at Glendronach Distillery in 1994 and bottled in 2014. Drawn from a PX cask #3400 and producing 672 bottles of this lovely whisky at a strength of 54,8%.

Lovely sweet and rich nose, with notes of prunes and figs mixed in a honey/liquerish syrup. Sultana's with rich vanilla, chocolate and citrus notes. Oranges, hint of lemon and some mint. Sweet and spices, rich and thick.The syrup thickness and richness with a hint of tobacco and coffee bitter coming through. It has a soft creamy nose, with rich sweetness. Lovely.

Rich liquid Christmas pudding in a glass, really great dram. No secret I love Glendronach for sure, great rich sweetness in their spirit and in combination with a PX cask. Not too overpowering dry from being 20 years in the tobacco and coffee notes. Rich and creamy, notes just like the nose, very nicely balanced, with a fresh citrus note following the rich sweetness that comes with PX Sherry.


Lovely sweet middle length finish with honey, chocolate, oranges and mint.

Rich and balanced. Thanks to the people of Abbey Whisky for sending us this sample to review. It was a great pleasure to explore this expression. Giving it an 8 out of 10. Really lovely.

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