Port Charlotte - Islay Barley 2008 - Tasting Notes

From the people of Bruichladdich we received a generous sample to explore and share of the Port Charlotte whisky, a peated single malt that has been distilled using Islay grown barley. That barley was harvested in September 2008 from the farms at Coull, Kynagarry, Island, Rockside, Starchmill & Sunderland. Then peated to 40 PPM and distilled in December 2008, and bottled at 50% for us to enjoy.

The nose is at first a mix of something salty, earthy and a touch of malty notes. In my mind I get the picture directly of star fruit, red apple, banana, papaya, figs and lemon. Deep rich fruit notes and some oranges with lovely sweetness with raisin, vanilla and creamy dark chocolate. A hint of equaliptus pops up in the back and makes me think of warm smouldering pieces of wood in the fire place. 

After the fruit sweetness a wave of some warm spices come to the front, a bit like wood and barley notes. But also makes me think of warm bread just out of the oven, with a thick piece of butter on it. Also some ginger and baking spices I think with always a zesty lemon note for sure underneath it all. 

What I find on the nose can clearly be found also on the palate. It is warm with a little hint of earthy and smoky notes. But more sweet and with dried rich fruits. Smoky wood notes reminding me of salty and barbecue roast almost, but also a combination in flavours that reminds me of a good grilled fish on wood chips. Warm, sweet, fruit, liquerish and creamy. 

The medium length finish has a bit dryness from wood/smoke/earthy notes but with a sweet dark chocolate creamy feel and vanilla, with coming back the lemon freshness.  Scoring this one an 8 out of 10, love these kind of whiskies with a balanced rich feel to it. Thanks Bruichladdich for sharing this with us! 

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