Three Ships - 10 year old - 2005 vintage

Before I dive into this whisky I just want to say it is wonderful to see how a spirit like whisky can connect people sometimes from all over the world, whether it is being an amateur or professional, it really does not matter, only a shared passion for something is important. Weaving a #whiskyfabric blanket with patterns and lines with some more colourful patches representing moments that connect it all. 

An example of one of these colourful patches in our blanket are meetings like the one Thomas and I had after some interaction on social media with Andy Watts, flying into Amsterdam from the South African James Sedgwick Distillery a couple of years ago, giving us a chance to share a dram or two with him. Listening to the passion that goes into the making of Bains and Three Ships whisky. We kept in touch and our dream of one day visiting South Africa and the distillery only grew stronger. A moment to remember and woven strongly into our blanket. More of these moments with other people and places keep enriching it all more and more through the years. A lovely journey. Learned me to always keep discovering and learning. 

Since meeting Andy we tasted more of their expressions, did an interview with Andy, made some notes, told people on holiday to go to the distillery, shared bottles around on different events to just share the spirits and story. Lately there was a release of an exclusive 15 Year Old Pinotage Cask Finish and this 10 year old limited edition first South African single malt whisky with a vintage statement on it. From this last one a sample recently was delivered by the mailman to us from the Three Ships Whisky team in South Africa to have a closer look at. The bottle states that it is bottled at 43% and distilled in July 2005. My notes on it you can read below and Thomas his notes from this distillery you can find on his blog of course. 

On the nose I find soft black grounded pepper with malt and soft oak notes. Mixed with vanilla, buttercups, shortbread and a light nutty note also giving it an lovely soft nose. Below this all I also find some notes of dried banana slices and a soft bitter fresh note of gooseberry and grapefruits mixing in with the malty and sweet notes. The palate is also sweet and malty with an array of notes appearing like red apples, raisin, vanilla, fresh ripe banana, dried apricots, hint of cherry, redcurrant, raspberry, marzipan, coconut shavings, oranges, soft ginger and lemon. The medium length finish shows an overall sweet feeling with creme vanilla, toffee, fruit and a hint of oak and old spice. A balanced and enjoyable dram for sure! Looking forward to what the future will bring from this distillery! Thanks for sharing this! 

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