Compass Box - 3 Year - Old Deluxe

You all must have heard about the Transparancy Campaign that Compass Box has been running for a while now to explore the EU and UK regulations that are prohibiting the sharing of information about the ages of the whiskies used in their blends to see how it can be opened up to change. This latest blended malt expression of them called 3 Year - Old Deluxe is all about that. Bottled at 49.2%, non-chill filtered, natural colour and only 3,282 bottles made available worldwide. This is what they can tell us about it. 

For various reasons (including, believe it or not, ‘Brexit’) it is unlikely that any satisfactory change in EU or UK laws will be achieved in the short-term, but that does not mean we cannot continue doing what we have always done and blend whiskies of different ages to create complexity and balance. And with that in mind, we are proud to introduce you to our newest Limited Edition Scotch whisky: 3 Year-Old Deluxe... 

…a Blended Malt whisky composed of just under 1% three year-old malt whisky produced near the village of Brora, a little over 90% malt whisky of an unstated but considerably older age from the same distillery and 9% peaty malt whisky, distilled on the Isle of Skye. Regulations permit us only to share details of the age of the youngest component! No matter. For it is this three year-old component that we think is truly special – aged by us, from the time it was new-make spirit just off the still, in our own high quality first-fill American oak casks. 

It imparts a lively vivacity to the blend, as well as representing a milestone in our development as whiskymakers, as it is from our very first campaign of laying down new-make spirit. 3 Year-Old Deluxe is a celebration of the role that whiskies of all ages can play in a well-constructed blend. We like to say that it is … precociously mature. However you drink it, whoever you share it with, above all share and enjoy. 

John Glaser, Whiskymaker

So, what can I tell you about this expression? Not much more that I can publicly reveal sadly, I know you really want to know, but please contact Compass Box for the answers. What I can share is my tasting notes on this one and tell you what I found in it. Whisky produced near the Village of Brora and on the Isle of Skye? Well, you might be able to guess the general notes from it then, but I was still really pleased with the thick waxy fruity spicy complex nose that first hit my nose and that brought a smile to my face immediately. Very promising. But knowing the Compass Box expression my expectations are high because they keep surprising me. Lets dive in a bit deeper...

On the nose a hint of soft heathery smoke is detectable that reminds me of a smouldering campfire. Notes of honey, ripe mango, oranges, lemon, mint, dried cranberry, marshmallow, milk chocolate flakes and fudge. Getting a hint of salted peanuts and almonds between the warm apple pie, warm spices, green tea and white chocolate shavings. 

The palate does pack a warm punch for sure with a bunch of fruit flavours from a citrus, orchard or tropical kind. Mixed with honey and spices, making it very yummy! Creamy vanilla notes of warm pudding with fresh ripe strawberries, redcurrant and a red summer fruit syrup on top of it all. Lingering notes of spices, some soft leather and a hint of floor wax running through this sweetness. 

The notes from the nose I can clearly find back in the palate making it a very balanced dram with a long sweet finish that turns more and more into a combination of banana, red apple, chocolate and fudge. This expression is available for around €250 in the stores at the moment, wishing we would have that money lying around at the moment so we could purchase a bottle. What a beauty this is again! Curious to read another opinion on this expression why not check out Thomas his note then on it! Thank you Compass Box for sharing a sample! From nose to finish a joy to explore! 

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