Inchmurrin - New make spirit

Having a closer look at the new make spirit of the Inchmurrin stills in the Loch Lomond Distillery at 63,5%. Without water added the nose has notes of citrus, malt, citrus freshness and creamy fruit sweetness below it. Flavours of unripe berries, grassy, dried hay, soft honey and different floral ones. The palate is malty and notes of sweet vanilla, lemon, oranges, white raisins, demerara sugar, pancakes, maple syrup, grilled apricots warm just of the BBQ and some fresh and dried banana.

The finish has a good length and is almost lingering towards chocolate creamy pudding or mocha pudding with sweet, honeyed vanilla creamy notes in it. When diluted down a lot with water the nose has less citrus notes but a bit more dusty. The palate shows some more red apples, liquerish, vanilla, sweet and honey notes together with a light floral blossom note of roses.

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