Hooghoudt - Old grain jenever

Photo by WhiskySpeller
Not a whisky review this time but diving for a bit in the world of jenevers. Hooghoudt is one of the bigger companies in the Netherlands and has in its lineup an old grain jenever that is bottled at 38%. The recipe dates from before the first world war and has a minimum in it of 15% malt wines. A part of this malt wine has been maturing for 17 years in Andalusian Sherry casks.

The nose is malty and carries loads of fresh citrus notes and sweet creamy vanilla. Light wood note, red currant, gooseberry and juniper berries I find in it. Sweet and fresh nose.

The palate has some notes of sweet red apples, bit dry cinnamon, vanilla, redcurrant, oranges and lemon. A warm and sweet fruity palate with notes of elder flower and cardamom pods.

A medium length finish that is filled with soft sweet honey and a light dry note of juniper berry and wood. This combination makes me think of the old fashioned dark liquerish strips with a hint of toffee and raisin sweetness. A jenever that is a sweet and easy to drink pure but I can imagine also very enjoyable in a mix. Thanks Laurens for sharing this jenever, going to have to look up some recipes to try this out with for sure!


  1. You've done a great job in unraffeling our "oude jenever".I hope you will continue to enjoy our jenevers. Allways welcome at our distillery.

    1. Thanks for sharing it Laurens! New at jenever but this is very enjoyable. Any good tips for using it with food or in mixed drinks? Could not find a recipe on the Hooghoudt site with this expression? Cheers, Ansgar