Before Gin

Photo by WhiskySpeller
When recently visiting the Hooghoudt distillery this expression called Before Gin Genever - "the Godfather of Gin" from the Borgen Distillery and bottled at 38% was also available to taste after the tour. An interesting drink so a bottle was purchased for further explorations back home...

On the bottle the following information about it is provided; 'It is an ode to one of the biggest forgotten spirits, a hero from the 17th century, the 'muse' from which Gin was born. Before Gin is a full bodied Dutch Genever made with a good dash of malt wine and juniper berry distillate. By using a blend of single cask 17 years aged and unaged malt wines a perfectly balanced Genever is created.' 

On the nose I find notes of fennel, vanilla, liquorish wood, grains, juniper, thyme, lemon, raisin and pine freshness. The palate picks up these flavours very well also and adds some notes of tangerine, spices, porridge, creamy clover honey, raspberry and redcurrant. The medium length finish has a note of soft warm vanilla, light wood, chocolate shavings and the feeling of the skin of a red apple. On the website are some different recipes provided for mixes, I need to try those out for sure. Lovely to drink neat but can imagine with something mixed it can even enhance more the red fruits and vanilla honey sweetness and make a good serve.

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