Spey Chairmans Choice

From the Speyside Distillery comes the expression Chairmans Choice bottled at 40%. I have had a quick taste of it while visiting the distillery during Spirit of Speyside. Thanks to Speyside Distillery for providing another sample to have a closer look at it when back home. The nose has some soft but bit sour fresh citrus notes combined with vanilla, yellow raisins, some light floral and nutty notes. It almost feels at first a bit dusty and citrus young, creamy but just could use some more power to it I think.

A sweet and malty palate with notes of honey, lemon, pink grapefruit bitters and some light nutty note of cashews. Vanilla creamy but it also feels young and weak a bit. Getting some vinegar and new wood coming through the honey notes. The palate stays overall very high on some bit sharp citrus notes. The finish is short and bit dry, like new wood and vanilla but with some more tannins to it. The palate gets a bit warmer and fruitier with time and releases some notes of banana, red apple, sultana, Victoria cake and dried apricots. Scoring it an 7 out of 10. Could have used some more power to it for me and the feeling of a stronger wood interaction and less younger notes.

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