Glasgow Distillery - New Make

At the Spirit of Speyside festival a meeting was organised with the Glasgow Distillery to tell us all about the new distillery and its expressions. A sample of the unpeated spirit at 63,4% was provided to have a closer look at when back home.

The nose is first very malty with a honey and fruit sweetness behind it... There are apples, gooseberry, elderflower blossom, vanilla, lime, green grass and a very little hint of seashells and salt on it also. On the palate I find first notes of citrus, orchard fruits and a sweet and creamy vanilla. After some bit it follows with blackcurrant, red berries, strawberries, lime, hint of pink grapefruit and oranges. Some grassy and almost darker notes appear in the back after a bit like soft coffee, baked mushrooms, and backed strips of bacon. The finish is of medium length and has some sweet honey and liquerish notes to it. Thanks Glasgow Distillery for sharing it! Promising!

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