Glasgow Distillery - 8 months old spirit

My note before was on the new make of the Glasgow Distillery, that I already found very promising... They also provided a sample of an 8 months aged spirit in a virgin american barrel of 200 litres at 62,4%. Lovely maturation already happening here...

The nose has a lot of a bit piece of sweet thick fudge  but also a bit of sour freshness of gooseberries. Warm red apple with caramel, ripe banana, crème brulee, raisins and very creamy.

On the thick and creamy palate I find warm fruity notes, orchard - and tropical fruits. Some citrus and mint freshness coming through the creamy fruit notes. Mango, grilled pineapple, coconut water, pomegranate, red current, raspberries with chocolate, oranges and fresh figs. Lovely but very sweet al ready on the medium length finish. Thanks for sharing it Glasgow Distillery! Looking forward to future explorations of your spirits!

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