The Grainman - Carsbridge 33 year old

From the Grainman I am exploring a new expression distilled at the Carsbridge distillery in December 1982. Matured for 33 years in bourbon cask number 74679 until it was bottled in March 2016 at 48,9%. Producing in total 258 bottles.

On the nose it is quite liquerish and sweet at first. Red apple, honey suckle, sticky dates and fudge follow with different sweet cake notes. Also a light young wood note in the back mixing with mocha cream and vanilla. Lovely rich, creamy and sweet. 

The palate is quite like the nose and shows the typical notes associated with maturation in a bourbon cask, but also has some strong notes of gingerbread loaf, baking spices and a mix of white and dark raisins. Fudge, warm red apple, breakfast cereals, creamy, backed banana and vanilla sponge cake. 

The cereal notes are stronger on the palate then on the nose I find. But the nose is soft, sweet and creamy while the palate packs a good (mixed) peppery punch at this strength. Lovely because this brings more of the great notes in this grain whisky to the front. 

It is a bit dry on the middle length finish and a little bitter like from dark chocolate and coffee. Like some dark chocolate truffles filled with cream and with too much cocoa powder on them. But also lingering towards the mouth feel and taste of eating too much dark liquerish after each other and some herbal side note like laurel. 

But that is just my associations that pop up in my mind. If you see this grain whisky somewhere I think it is something to really give it a try and see what you think of it. I find it to have a lot of different surprising sides and score it therefore an 8 out of 10. Thanks Andy for sharing the sample, love discovering grain whiskies and the differences in them that are out there!

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