Rock Oyster - Cask Strength

From Douglas Laing comes the Rock Oyster Cask Strength bottled at 57,4%. A while back I had a look at the original Rock Oyster bottling. This expression is made of whisky from Orkney, Arran, Islay and Jura. 

On the nose I am getting loads of citrus, pepper and a briny note. Malt, coquilles, seaweed, green apples and canned peaches. Bit of a mixture between salty sea notes and sharp citrus fruits. Some different sweet fruit hiding underneath the fresh citrus notes. 

From the palate I am getting heather, light honey, vanilla, lime bitter, malt, caramel, thyme, bit "young spirit" roughness almost and some dryer wood notes. The sweeter fruit notes come a bit more to the front with some time on the palate, but are having trouble piercing through the citrus and roughness. 

The finish is not that long with some red chilli pepper and light vanilla. But mostly citrus sharpness and salt there. Just as the original version I am scoring this an 7 out of 10, it feels very similar, but the citrus is too sharp in this for me. I can see this combined with a good seafood platter or something like chocolate mouse, and I like the higher percentage what makes the different flavours more strongly detectable. But it also adds more roughness I feel in it. Thanks Douglas Laing for sharing a sample so I could have a closer look at this new expression. 


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