SMWS 72.36 - Holy Moly

The SMWS bottling 72.36 - Holy Moly is an 31 year old whisky from the Miltonduff distillery bottled at 44,6%. It has been distilled at 3 November 1981 and matured in a refill ex-bourbon hogshead producing 51 bottles. The drinking tip from the SMWS on their site says about this one 'To share with special friends – if you don’t have any handy, line up your teddy bears and have a wee picnic'

The nose has some soft tropical fruit notes next to the light waxy feel. Gives me a mixed feeling with on one side sweet forrest fruit jam and the other side sawdust. Different tropical fruit notes like mango, pineapple, water melon and kiwi. 

While the nose feels fresh, fruity, waxy and light the palate gives a warm, creamy and rich feeling. Like warm red fruit over a big scoop of home-made vanilla ice cream, chocolate sprinkles and maple syrup. Loads of different berries, honey, red apple, fudge and the tropical fruit mix. With some time it becomes more sweeter and fruitier. Think of a table filled with lovely puff pastries and cakes, jelly doughnuts, cream buns, mocha cream cakes, pain au chocolat, brioche, Danish rolls, American pancakes with cream and blueberries and so much more... Holy Moly indeed... Scoring it a good 8 out of 10, lovely dram with a good length finish, it has something that is "off" somewhere and some notes where I cant put my finger on right now, but still loving this fruity and sweet richness to it... 

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