True Blue 100 - Blue Corn Whisky

The Balcones True Blue 100 Blue Corn whisky, bottled at 50%, was presented to us in the #BalconesWhisky twitter tasting. On the nose the 1st thing I got was a candy floss sweetness. Light oranges, lemon, fresh notes, but also corn and other grains, like bread dough. Banana, caramel dipped red apple, caramelised walnuts, vanilla, salted popcorn, mocha, maple syrup and butter.

The palate gives me leather, light tobacco and something bit dark and sour also...dark plums? Something I cant place, reminding me a bit of eating to much dark liquerish after each other. Butter, pot pourri, thick syrup caramel bitterness, banana, red apple, cinnamon, wood spice and honey. On the medium length finish I also find a bit bitterness from the caramel, dry grains and cocoa, slowly merging with some vanilla and light chocolate and almost getting some harsh herbals on the finish. Scoring it an 6,5 out of 10. It is just too strong on caramel, fudge and sweetness. It gives me the feeling of my jaws sticking together of caramel, noga and heavy chocolate with salt. Looking at the different tones it is something that could fit my own preferences, but it is all just very strong, and all combined it does not agree with me.

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