Douglas Laing - Xtra Old Particular - Invergordon 1964 - 50 year old

The 24th, and sadly the last day, of The Whisky Advent Calender from the guys at Drink By The Dram gives a single grain whisky from Invergordon, 50 year old, distilled on the 11th of November 1964 and matured in cask 2. Bottled by Douglas Laing for the Xtra Old Particular series at 43% on the 1st of January 2015. This sounds like a good one for sure! wow...

The nose is sweet and rich. Flavours of warm spices and warm apple sauce coming forward. Warm raisins and warm vanilla pudding with strawberries. This is the kind of dram that I can nose for hours really... Layers of dried fruits, leather, soft sponge cake, different fruits and warm red fruit sauce. Honey sweetness, cinnamon, oranges and a hint of equaliptus in the far back giving it some freshness also.

On the palate I find soft creamy notes of all the notes from the nose combined with some vanilla, honey roasted ham and cassis notes. Lovely warm and soft palate, but the nose is stronger then the palate it seems. The finish I would like to have been longer and leaves some dry malt and chocolate note. But after 50 years in a single cask, this is a very lovely dram, scoring an 8 out of 10 for me, but not something you should taste while eating or so, think it will disappear very fast then. Just sit down with this one, nothing else, just enjoy.

Thanks again to the people at Drink By The Dram for sharing this calender with us, and letting us enjoy 24 lovely drams through December! Enjoy Christmas and share a good dram with your loved ones! I know I will :-)

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