Crown Royal - De Luxe

Going through the samples I came across this one from Crown Royal a Canadian whisky bottled at 40%. This is a sample of the De Luxe edition of this brand and the website tells us only that it is a blend of 50 Canadian whiskies. 

Crown Royal was first created as a gift for the King and Queen of England to celebrate their visit to Canada in 1939.

The nose has lots of lush creamy vanilla and red summer fruit notes. Sultanas, nutmeg, soft chilli pepper in the back mixing with demerara sugar sweetness. Some fresh notes also from tangerines and minty lime ice tea. 

On the palate hints of oak and all the notes from the nose. It is very soft and balanced but seems to lack some more depth to it. Not a bad dram, but does not feel like something special, just very sweet. Scoring me an 7 out of 10. 

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