Micro Provenance Cask #013 - 1994 Bourbon / Sauterness

Photo Credit: Thomas Speller

Recently I participated in the #LaddieMP3 tasting from Bruichladdich. In this they guided us through three expressions in the Micro Provenance series. They do these expressions as an exploration into cask evolution, each individually picked by head distiller Adam Hannett. First one to try was cask #013. An 21 year old whisky that was matured in a bourbon cask (#14/214 013) and finished one year in a Sauterness barrel from the Bordeaux region. Produced from Optic Barley in 1994, matured in warehouse 13 and producing 253 bottles at 50,6% in 2015.

The nose of this dram is filled with red fruit and rich vanilla. Making me think of crème brulee on one side, and on the other one I am getting something meaty, like a stew with warm dense fruit simmered with it and some fresh spring onions sprinkled over it. My nose is going a bit crazy, smelling so many different notes at once, not knowing where to focus on. It is a lovely nose and has something of oranges, nutmeg, clove, herbal, rosemary and ginger. A little hint of earthy mushrooms and very dark blackcurrant jam with a mint/chocolate cookie freshness.  

On the palate the red fruit is again very present with the rich vanilla, like on the nose. Bit of liquorish, raspberry, strawberry, mocha, chocolate and some light nutty notes in the back. Oranges, red apple, banana, prunes, peach, creamy and many notes like found on the nose. The palate reveals more and more fruits then I detected on the nose. It has a long finish with some dry spices, cinnamon, cocoa powder and some sweet foam banana sweets. Feeling of a creamy warm chocolate milk paired with some good truffles or bonbons. Scoring it an 8,5 out of 10. 

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