Kingsbarns - spirit

On the 1st anniversary of the Kingsbarns distillery we opened the sample sent over by them a while back to celebrate. On their website you can find lots of information about the distillery and products.
We have built Kingsbarns Distillery in this land once prized by kings of Scotland for its barley. The gleaming new copper stills are fired up and our first precious ‘new make’ spirit is slowly maturing in fine American oak casks 
Fortunately, here in the ancient Kingdom of Fife, we tend to take a long view, and we expect that the spirit of kings will be well worth the wait.
On the nose the spirit is fruity and almost liquerish. Rich creamy malty notes with red apple, raisin and honeyed fruits. The palate brings extra red fruit to the table. Whole grain cookies, cherry and some citrus freshness. Light floral, heather, marmalade and caramel... Nice spirit for sure and very curious to see what this does when it ages. 

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