The Ardmore - Triple Wood

The Ardmore Triple Wood was the 3rd Ardmore whisky in the line up of the #TheArdmoreWhisky Twitter Tasting.

Bottled at 46% and matured in American oak barrels, quarter casks and puncheons. After tasting the Legacy and the Tradition, this one caught me by surprise for sure.

Coming from the Tradition with a dense and first heavy nose this expression feels very friendly and fresh. Some notes that can be found in all of them, but also so very different from each other. 

Soft sweet and fresh notes with a soft fuller darker layer through it. Biscuits, ginger, pepper, malty, apples, banana, vanilla, raisins and a lovely buttery feel to it. Bit of pomolo, dried figs, creamy chocolate and rice pudding.

The palate shows the notes from the nose beautiful and adds some more fruits to the party. Mango, pineapple, honey comb, apricots, cocos, marzipan, toffee and sweet Asian spices. Cherries, blackcurrant, brambles, black tea and some lovely sacher torte...

This dram makes you hungry for great deserts and lush fruits. Medium length finish, with a creamy mouth feel and soft gentle peat notes. A hint of pine freshness on the end. This one feels complex and rich. 

Gives me good feeling and really wishing there was more in the sample sent over to enjoy it longer. So this one definitely gets an 8,5 out of 10. When I see this one in the stores, will definitely be tempted a lot to take it home.

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