Paul John - Bold

In the #PaulJohnWhisky Twitter Tasting I got the chance to try out the latest expression of Paul John. At festivals and so we have tried some wonderful things of them and they give us something that is a bit different and that makes it very interesting.

Sweet and light spicy, with an almost herbal undertone and vanilla. Bit creamy and some floral perfume note. Light tobacco, red apple, toffee and many spices.

Black pepper, cinnamon, cardamon, light note of koenjit, dried prunes and coriander powder. Some oranges, honey, papaya and light note of curry powder.

First some lemon and grapefruit that gives it a young feel before the sweet notes and spices come forward. The red apple and toffee notes are very clear in it. I can sense the same notes as on the nose, but it is covered by also a dry wood and cereal note and an ashy feel.

Medium length finish that has some mocha, ripe mango and increasing smoky/ashy feel

Scoring it a 7 out of 10. It has something nice to it, but think I like the other Paul John expressions a bit more. This one just gets a bit too dry and ashy in the end...

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