The One - Tasting Notes

In the Twitter Tasting of the Whisky Wire we got to explore the One, a British blended whisky, from the Lakes Distillery.

Light smoked malt, sweet, flower honey, raisin, vanilla, soft. Fresh zing from citrus like notes some lime? There is some sweet orchard fruit in the back and banana creaminess from unripe banana, and some light green grass notes and very present is custard with toffee.

Sweet, creamy, pepper, something dry in the back from red grapes, plums and some raisins
vanilla. Some cloves, nutmeg and bit nutty dryness of walnuts. Some light smoked malt also in there with custard and toffee.

Short to medium length, but sweet with a bit dry grapes skin, green apple freshness and some red apple mouth feel. With something malty to it with tangerines and custard. There is some iron on the finish in the back with some dryness from cloves and nutmeg.

Scoring me a 7 out of 10 at least. Find the dry notes and iron a bit too much, and furthermore really high custard notes. Lovely expression for sure! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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