The Lakes Gin

In a Twitter Tasting arranged by The Whisky Wire
we got to taste the One and the Gin from the Lakes Distillery. First time Gin and not disappointing must say! Something to explore more!

Liquerish, herbal, sweet, juniper, heather, bilberry. Rosemary, citron thyme, lavender, rosehip, elderberry flowers, coriander, red pepper balls and lemon.

Oily, sweet, very citron thyme freshness and lime, some ginger, juniper and flower honey.
Then liquerish a bit, bit wooden herbal notes like rosemary. And blackberries, meadow sweet, elderberry flower, gooseberry and rosehip and again the red pepper balls

not very long

Still prefer whisky must say but for a first Gin tasting I give this one a good 7 out of 10. It is fresh, sweet and herbal with a floral note in the back. Also maybe nice in the summer with a little bit of ice?

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