Writers Tears - Festival Notes


At the Pot Still Festival in Amersfoort we had a chance to taste two cask strength expressions of Writers Tears next to each other. The 2013 and 2014 version were very similar must say. The 2013 was a bit more sweeter and the 2014 was a bit more grassy.

2014 limited edition
bottled at 53%
1980 bottles bottled

2013 limited edition
bottled at 53%
2500 bottles bottled

Writers Tears is 3 times distilled and a 100 % Pot Still Blend. No grain whiskey inside and matured only in ex bourbon casks. The nose is fresh, grassy, oily and light citrus. The palate is peppery, sweet, light fruit, citrus, grassy and lemony. A medium length finish and giving it a small 7 out of 10, purely due to the high grassy and citrus notes.

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