Tullibardine - Rum finish #15145 - Tasting Notes

Sniffing a cask at Tullibardine Distillery 
From Jock we got a lovely sample to discover of Tullibardine. This is a Rum finish from cask #15145. Distilled in 1993 and poured out of the cask on 27/7/2010. More details we don't have on it...

Vanilla, creme brulee, strong green tea, black pepper, gooseberry, stewed meat with laurel and cloves and heavy floral note.

With some water it became a bit sweeter, it was pretty dense without and just gave a sweet earthy and spice feel to it.

With adding some water it looked like the berry notes became a bit stronger. It needed a bit more water I thought so adding more and the very dense fruitcake and raisin bread notes appeared. Demerara sugar, red warm apple, fudge and the creme brulee notes become stronger, and thick black current jam.

A bit nutty and dark chocolate bitter at first, like almonds covered in honey or something. There is vanilla and raisin sweetness, but the bitter notes are dominant for sure.

Bit raw wooden bite to it and dryness of strong green tea ... With a couple of sips it becomes more sugary sweet, molasses, creamy and reveals the sweeter creme brulee and dense fruitcake notes from the nose with some milk chocolate.

Not a very long finish, but sweet sugary notes with cocoa powder lingering on a bit

Hard one on the nose for sure, to get something out of it, even with diluting it very much. The palate I normally can find some notes very fast but my palate needed to warm up I think a bit and released some of the sweeter notes a bit later to me. It has some good sides to it this one, but not completely sure about it for now due to the strong green tea notes coming from it. Giving it a 7 out of 10 for now. It is 17 years old but has a bit "raw" feeling to it? Thanks Jock for the sample, enjoyed trying to get to the bottom of this! Have some other expressions of Tullibardine here yet to explore, lets see if we can tackle those soon to see what I think of them and get a better view on this distillery that is too unknown to me really for now.

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