Chichibu/Suntory Masterclass - Dram #2 - Chibidaru from Chichibu 2010/2014 - Tasting Notes

In a Masterclass with Chichibu and Suntory we tasted some great cask samples. The whisky from Suntory are components for the Hibiki 17 year old.

1. Chita Grain from Suntory bottled at 55% (over 17 years old)

2. Chibidaru from Chichibu (distilled 2010, bottled 2014, matured in original Quater cask made from white oak)

3. Hanyu from Hanyu distillery (Vatted bet 1985-2000 Hanyu, matured with some different types of casks)

4. Smoky Hakusyu from Suntory (over 17 years old)

5. Chichibu Mizunara 5y [cask sample] (distilled 2008, bottled 2013, Mizunara hogshead)

6. Suntory Mizunara (Mizunara cask, age over 17 years old)

Syrup, waffles, chocolate, ripe fruits, creme brulee and a heavy floral note.

Same as nose a bit and very sweet. Apricots, pineapple, equaliptus and almost liquerish. With water sweeter and more pepper.

Medium length finish, very sweet.

7 to 7,5 out of 10. Bit young on the nose it seems?

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