Big Peat - Batch #61 - Christmas Edition 2014 - Tasting Notes

The last dram at Maltstock in the masterclass from Jan Beckers we got to try the latest release of Big Peat Christmas Edition 2014, batch 61.

Fruity, smoke, sweet, bit salty and fermented apples? Thats something I did not smelled before in whisky. Ok, trying again and getting some figs, leather, tobacco, heather honey and fruit.

Smoky, seaweed, floral, soft more clover like honey, toffee, dark chocolate, raisin, vanilla, bit salty, heather honey and fruit. Very sweet and smoky. 

Medium to long length finish, sweet, burned caramel and dark chocolate. 

Giving this one a 7,5 out of 10, would love myself a bottle. Very nice, not too smoky dry that is overpowering or something. Nice soft honey mouth feel, mixed with some maritime notes, fruit, cherries on thick juice and apricots. 

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