Zuidam - The Flying Dutchman Rum - Tasting Notes

The Flying Dutchman by Albert Pinkham Ryder
c. 1887 (Smithsonian American Art Museum)
The Flying Dutchman Rum is crafted at the Zuidam Distillery. Zuidam Distillers still creates their products in the traditional artisanal way. All ingredients are 100% natural and are carefully selected and processed into the most beautiful products in the family owned and run distillery. All recipes are designed by father Fred and son Patrick van Zuidam.

As they say on their website 'Painting With Flavors is Art' and they do know their business not only with whisky, liqueurs, genevers and korenwijns, but also their rums are delicious. We got the possibility to taste the Flying Dutchman Rum and also the Flying Dutchman Premium Dark Rum No.3, aged for minimum of 3 years next to each other.

Zuidam distilled the first rum in Europe from pure sugarcane molasses. Fermentation happens in small batches on a low temperature and takes minimal of 2 weeks. This is longer then normal but they want to go for the more delicate notes. After the fermentation the rum is distilled three times in small handmade copper stills. Most rums elsewhere are produced by large column stills, and this craft distilling on a smaller scale ads to the flavor profile. The rum is matured on small oak casks. The white rum is matured for a minimal of 6 months and the aged rum is matured minimal 1 year.

The Flying Dutchman white rum 
The nose is very sweet with lots of fruit, some roses, dried apples, dry banana, sweet dates, vanilla and some raisins. On the palate these notes come back and make it feel like a very balanced product, warm and sweet. 

There is a soft creamy sweet, bit fudge and cream warm notes with warm chocolate milk. Very fruity and delicate flavors. Middle length finish with a sugar cane mouth feel left in the end with a mix of brownies. Very nice!

The Flying Dutchman Premium Dark Rum No.3, aged for minimum of 3 years 
This is my favorite I think of the two if I had to chose. The nose gives me the same feel and notes as the white rum, but bit more mellow and added some great citrus notes to the mix. Orange, citrus, white chocolate with crispy bits in it come to mind. 

It is warming and there is a tropical fruity note to be found in here also, very lovely combination that continues on to the palate. There you can find also some dark liquerish and salmiak notes with rich vanilla pods. Yummy... The finish feels a bit longer and less heavy sugary on the teeth. It is a beautiful rum you certainly must try if you get the chance!

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