Old Captain

Old Captain Rum is selected by the Caribbean Rum Company Curacao and imported and bottled by Boomsma Distillery Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. It is made of a combination of different kinds of Jamaican rums. There is the white, brown and 5 year aged version of Old Captain rum.

Next to further discovering the wonderful world of whisky together with Thomas we now are also looking into other spirits to broaden our horizon a bit and see what is out there. Gathered some rums to start with that and trying to find the differences and our preferences. Just like in the whisky world there are some you instantly know are better in a mix, and others are just there to be enjoyed neat and slowly. If you have any good tips on rum we love to hear it so we can seek it out!

Old Captain - Extra Dry
This white rum gives me on the nose at first some banana and a bit dry dusty feel. But when giving it some time it revealed some young grain notes or Brinta like.

Bit of heavy fruit, creamy, light milk chocolate, raisin and vanilla. It may sound weird reading all these notes, but it felt a bit closed on the nose...

On the palate it did open up with a burst of sugar cane sweetness, fruit, dried apricots, raisin, vanilla, creamy, chocolate. Very, very sweet, and not a very deep or long lasting taste, with a bit bitter nutty and dry aftertaste.

This one might benefit very well of being in a mixer or something. It is good on its own, but just misses something to balance it out. It is soft fruity and sugar cane sweet on the palate but the nose stays behind a bit sadly.

Old Captain - Well Matured
The brown Old Captain rum has a bit more sweeter nose. You can find the notes from the white rum also in here but added with more sugary and fruity notes. Bit more honey exotic fruity with a hint of oranges and coconut.

On the palate I find some soft pineapple notes, oranges, fresh lemon, and some chocolate candy bar in the mix. Sugar cane, honey, and some dry cocoa on the not too long finish. Like this one more then the white rum must say and get an urge to make myself a Mai Tai or a Mojito...

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