Tomatin - Distillery exclusive edition - ex Bourbon 11 YO

When we were at Tomatin Distillery this year we brought a bottle your own back with us to try at home.

Cask type           ex Bourbon
Cask filling date  08/05/03
Bottling date       08/05/14
Cask number     1903
Bottle number    1
Alc./Vol.            56,3% - cask strength
Chill filtration      No

We were about to tap one our selves from the cask when we noticed this one standing there already done. The date and bottle number where just to cool just to leave there, and decided to not fill our own but "just" take this one. Graham signed it already on the label, but just for a little bit extra and the fun of it he did one more on the label. Definitely a bottle we will be saving when empty to remember the good times spend there that day. You can read all about our time there in the post we wrote earlier about it.

Vanilla, cream bun (with the yellow cream), powdered sugar, white chocolate, raisin, dried apricots, fresh citrus and mint notes underneath the vanilla creaminess. Fruity sweet combined with some light fresh floral notes.

Vanilla, cream, chocolate, sweet, honey, light floral, citrus, banana, green apple, pink grapefruit, creme brulee and dense fruit cake. Toffee, raisin, dried apricots, marzipan in the back and some very light black pepper.

Medium length sweet vanilla and fruity finish with lots of rich chocolate notes.

Scored a good 7,5 out of 10, it is a great dram filled with many different sweet notes

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