Héritage Borderies Cognac Hors d'Age - Tasting Notes

Thomas was send a birthday surprise dram by Franck Debernardi (@LaCaveDeCobalt) to enjoy. It was marked #NotAWhisky and it was not disappointing for sure, its a beauty...

It turned out to be a 50 year old cognac (40%abv) Very impressed with it. Time to explore more of this other world of spirits :-)

Almond cake, marzipan, equaliptus, warm freshly made applesauce, warm cherries, cinnamon, light tobacco note, fresh mint tea, red pepper and baking spices. Vanilla, soft, sweet, wintery spices, raisin, papaya, sugar cane, red apples, mango, orange, pomegranate and chocolate.

Sweet, light spices, dark chocolate, rich cassis notes, cinnamon, dark sugar, baking spices, oranges, raisin, fresh vanilla and creme brulee. Thick cream, equaliptus and lots of tropical fruit notes who can also be found on the nose.

Bit leather and tobacco notes mixed with fresh pastry, chocolate croissant, red crumbly apples in the front and a green apple freshness in the back

Bit dry from cinnamon combined with some tobacco. But quite a length of a finish, sweet with rich flavours of chocolate and vanilla

8 of 10. Balanced and very very nice. Thanks Franck for sharing this beauty with us to enjoy!

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