Provenance Bunnahabhain Young and Feisty - Tasting Notes

Young & Feisty on the nose indeed a bit, but also fruity, very fruity. Soft young nose with a hint of peat in the back what gives it a bit meaty undertone.

Vanilla and cereal in a sweet, creamy and very fruity mix. It is fresh due to green apple, pear, kiwi, fresh plums, and citrus. With a sweet lining of caramel and dark honey.

At first the young flavours are strong but when they fade there is sweetness and chili pepper. Vanilla, raisin, custard, sweet fluffy fresh fruit muffin with some chocolate and nutmeg in it. Many fruit notes again like banana, pears and red apples. And to to complete that there is orange marmalade and some oriental spices, with a hint of dry peat.

Medium length finish, but also a bit dry dark chocolate mouthfeel and a bit backers yeast combined with lemon notes.

7 out of 10, I find it a bit too young. But it is a very lovely example of a young Bunnahabhain, with a full and balanced set of flavours in it. Thanks to Douglas Laing for providing us with this lovely sample to try!

About this expression
- Provenance
- Bunnahabhain
- Young and Feisty
- Strength 46%
- Unchillfiltered
- No colouring
- Refill Hogshead (DMG reference 10175)
- Two barrel bottling
- Small batch
- Bottled winter 2014

About Douglas Laing
Glasgow-based Douglas Laing & Co are independent Scotch Whisky bottlers and blenders. Douglas Laing & Co. was founded in 1948 by Fred Douglas Laing, a man on a mission to sell his prized Scotch Whiskies around the globe.

They are now in their third generation of Laing’s at the helm and they continue to regard themselves as Whisky Specialists. Their aim is to steadfastly create a quality, handcrafted selection of the finest Blends, with an extensive range of Single and ‘Vatted’ Malts together with some old Grains gleaned from their large stocks, gathered and replenished over many decades.


  1. Nice review. I'm planning on buying the standard bunnahabhain and a small bottle of young and feisty when I get paid next week. Should be an interesting comparison.

    1. Super! Looking forward to hearing what you think of it! :-)