The Ultimate - Imperial 1995 - Tasting Notes

Soft, sweet, soft fruits, raisin, vanilla

Sweet, raisin, warm, banana, wood, dry, mandarin, citrus, honey, peach, caramel, toffee

Sweet, raisin, medium length finish

6,5 out of 10. It fades a bit quickly I find. Have tasted a couple of beauty's from The Ultimate, but this one does not seem to give me a big smile on my face, just candy sweet. For a 17 year old one guess I expected a bit more depth to it. Nice, sweet and also a fresh citrus tone to it, but not something I would purchase quickly.

Tasted this one on 2 different occasions, one in the masterclass by Jan Beek and one came to us in a tasting from the Dutch Whisky Society.
  • Distilled 21/08/1995
  • Matured in hogshead for 17 years
  • Cask no. 90134
  • Bottled 04/06/2013
  • Bottle no. 207 of 351
  • 46% ABV
  • Natural Colour
  • Non Chillfiltered

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