The Ultimate - Allt-A-Bhainne 1995 - Tasting Notes

Citrus, sweet, green apple, raisin, vanilla, honey, mint, fruit, liqeurish, anise, pear

Fruit, fresh, sweet, honey, liqeurish, anise, mint, raisin, vanilla, apple, pear, grapes, cheese

Sweet, pear, liqeurish, slight woody tone. Medium long finish.

6,5 out of 10. Just a bit to much wood flavor in the finish for me. I find this one not a difficult one, balanced, but not very special

  • Distilled 22/09/1995
  • Matured in hogshead for 17 years
  • Cask no. 147083 
  • Bottled 10/01/13
  • Bottle no. 128 of 349
  • 46% ABV
  • Natural Colour
  • Non Chillfiltrated

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