The Ultimate - Glen Scotia 1977 - Tasting Notes

Sweet, citrus, tropical tones, sweet stone fruits, liqeurish, soft, creamy, vanilla

Black current, sweet, raisin, lemon, heather, salty, creamy, salmiak, liqeurish, soft, clover honey, anise

Medium long finish, sweet, honey

This one is tasted in a masterclass with Jan Beek. We tasted several bottlings in a quick tempo, and this one needs some time to open up, and has some more depth in it, more then I could get here. Gave it a 7,5 out of 10, but I think when had more time with this one, it could have been higher. This is a nice one!

  • Distilled 05/09/1977
  • Matured in hogshead 34 year
  • Cask 2748
  • Bottled 29/11/2011, 
  • Bottle 38 of 229 
  • 46% ABV
  • Natural Color
  • Non Chillfiltered
  • Rare Reserve

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