Wolfburn - 1st standard release

From the new make to the two year old I find myself sitting down today with the 1st standard release bottled at 46% from the Wolfburn distillery to see how it is developing. Fresh notes on the nose of oranges, equaliptus, pomolo, ginger, mocha, hint of spekkoek and pistachios. Also some sweeter notes of vanilla, red apples, white raisins, hint of malt and rose hip. Getting a bit of canned syrup fruit and custard pudding after a while, the sweet creamy and fruity notes seem to be opening up more. Flavours of mango juice, cloves, warm banana and pineapple are popping up in my mind when nosing this...

Lovely nose even with the young feeling to it. It does not bother me much and is not harsh new make like on the nose. The palate is just like the nose predicted it would be, making it a balanced experience with a warm sweet fruit mix with a good dose of fresh honey and thick cream on top of it. Getting different sort of forrest fruits, orchard, tropical, canned, citrus etc. A lovely mix with some cookie dough and baking spices added to it on the good length finish. Scoring it an 8,5/10 Lovely stuff. Thanks for sharing the sample with us Wolfburn!

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