Old Pulteney - New Make

At the Pulteney distillery some new make spirit at 63,5% was shared for a nose and taste. It is a curious one I must say and took me a while to get the different layers in it. On the nose I find some lemon thyme freshness combined with sweet malt, a soft nutty note, creamy lemon cheese cake, thick dark berries sauce, hint of vanilla and liquorish root.

There is something that reminds me of fermenting apples, spices and herbs in it together with a hint of meat notes. In the start it was more poultry meat but after a while it changes in the glass and makes it more warm pork meat that is not done yet cooking through.

After a bit also notes of graphite, onions, furniture polish and creamy spinach come to mind. How something can start as fresh, fruity, creamy and herbal and change into something totally different... The palate is much the same experience as I got from the nose only adding some 'zwart wit kogels' on the medium length finish. Thanks for sharing the sample!

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