Wemyss Malts - Smouldering Hickory - Bunnahabhain

Wemyss Malts has bottled exclusively for the Kingsbarns Distillery the expression called Smouldering Hickory. It is a single cask from the Bunnahabhain distillery, distilled in 1997 and bottled at 46% in 2014. 

Everybody has his or her own system for nosing and tasting a whisky. I tell people that I think in pictures of food and walking in my head through the supermarket. I usually smell and taste as much as I can to build a library in my head, train my senses. That is what works for me. My mind gives me images that I then try to de-construct in the ingredients used. Writing tasting notes then has the downside to it that it makes me hungry seeing all these lovely foods coming by in my head... This is also the case with this whisky.

With nosing this whisky I see a warm smouldering camp fire where nuts are being roasted on, people sitting around having freshly made ice cream with walnut, raisins, vanilla, chunky bits of fudge and maple syrup on top. Warm red crumbly apples, banana and mango smoothie, a roasted ham in the back and some lemon and mint freshness coming by also between the other warm notes.

On the palate I can find the creamy and fruity combination again combined with the smoky almost ashy notes. Not the dry kind, but sweet and warm, like the bits of a good BBQ roast that has been caramelised. Honey, vanilla, raisins and different kind of nuts appear again just like on the nose. Sweet sticky fudge and syrupy fruit notes of mixed canned fruits, some oranges, hint of liquerish, bit of hot chocolate milk with a topping of small marshmallows and a leaf of spearmint.

Lovely warm, fruit and sweet dram with a good balanced smoky side to it that has a good length finish on it also leaving a creamy rich vanilla mouth feel like eating to much of that ice cream or drinking that hot chocolate milk. Scoring it an 8 out of 10. Should have picked up a full bottle at the distillery when there... damn... Thanks for sharing the sample Kingsbarns Distillery!

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