The Lakes Distillery - New make spirit

Great to have the chance to sit down with the reduced and non reduced new make spirit of the Lakes Distillery and to see what its DNA is. Before I had a look at some of the maturing spirit from cask #578 and cask #20, a bourbon and Californian wine cask. This gave a lovely look into the interaction of the different types of wood with this spirit. Now lets have a look of the spirit it self...

Non Reduced New Make
On the nose a bit fruity sourness going on like fermented apples. Hints of vanilla creaminess underneath. Some plums, oranges and the image of a Port Salut cheese popping into my head. On the palate again the creamy vanilla combined with warm apples, fudge and different roasted root vegetables where the caramilisation is just starting to happen. Banana, raisin, honey, mint, lime, oranges and lots of rich breakfast cereals

Reduced New Make - 63,4%
A very soft nose, creamy, fruity, white raisins, hint of vanilla pipe tobacco, red apples, green apples and mint. On the palate loads of citrus and orchard fruits. Dried apricots, soft spices, black pepper and a soft malty note with a liquerish note on the finish.

You can see the similarities between the two but also the difference that dilution does to the nose and palate. It is very nice in both ways and very drinkable even with the higher strength. Thanks John for sharing these samples! Great promising spirit!

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